my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-07 18:56:54 (UTC)

yes i *am* weird

ha yea i know i admit it i am weird.. you know what i did
today? i slept late. i tried killing my clock cause it woke
mne up and so did 3 doors down it came on and i wanted to
sing so i popped out of bed and turnt on the radio. so i
sang all nasty cuz i just woke up. and then... i checked my
email. and played solitarie.. for a HOUR. lol. i am
addicted to that game i am dying to win it's like this,
i'll spend around 2 minutes on one hand and get real far
till its a dud. so then i start another and the same thign
happens lol. so i keep playing untill i win then i get a
rush like 'yay i finally won lemme try to win again" and i
keep playing till i realize i have to go. such a siomple
game brings me pleasure. so, yes, i know im weird. lol. any
way i just got out of the shower(in which i sang loudly)
and i am leaving soon and dang it. i haven't practiced
piano and i have piano today. i am such a slacker. but you
know what it doesn't matter that i didnt practice, because
Christmas songs are done now so the songs i had, i dont
have any more just back to beethovan. well. bye. maybe ill
wite more tonight after i watch smallville but i think its
2 hours, and both of them are re-runs so i might be on
earlier but i dont know. maybe ill do school then and get
it over with lol. bye till whenever i write again