2001-09-07 23:46:12 (UTC)


Its like someone just ripped out a peice of me. I like walk
by and he cant even look at me, we are pretty much trying
to avvoid each other I am sure. I broke down in coping
skills cause I just have so much anxiety, my heart just
starts beating really fast, and My tummy is a total mess.
Today I learned that I am not replaceable!!! If he cared
about me at all or does anymore he will miss me, he will be
hurt and want me back. I mean today he gave me a altoid
and that was it. I love that boy why cant we be together.
I would do anything for him, he just wont do the same. I
understand that he needs time to think, and ......aww our
song is on t.v.....Last time we talked he said he didnt
think it would work, cause of the age and then he mentioned
that him and a freind were gonna go watch a gir....that
used to like him play soccer. Then he said he felt like a
asshole, cause I was like it must feel pretty good having a
girl want you and you not want her back..Then he said he
didnt want to talk about this right now...and we havent
spoken since really. I really hope he realises how great me
and him are together, and that what we have is not worth
losing over something as dumb as age. After all emotions
have to no age.