Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-07 18:36:44 (UTC)

Tuesday........No More Rain

Hey !!!Today it was a tiring day...even i slept until
11.00am and when I opened my eyes I realised I have to
leave my house at 11.30pm so I jumped out of my bed and I
did all the stuff with an amazing speed:)
Don't wanna mention about the classes 'coz they were
really boring.During the math class,we(me and catalin and
alex and my classmate) had a talk about they
were telling to each other what they think about it and
what they know about it and stuff...and it was kinda
interesting.You know my opinion is that is great to have
such classmates and so you can pe open with them and talk
to them and ask for their help when you need it.
A bad thing is that I made an alergy at some stuff so
I've got lots of blisters that are soooooo itchy.....and I
cant stop scratching.
I've talked to Sean,he said he is gonna try to help so I
could get a grant to some american highschool.Thanks god
for that.But my classmates were being rude with him...I
dont understand it......
Anyway when we left Calatin and I went together to the
bus station.......he told me he got again one of those ugly
stupid girlfriends.I asked him why is he doing that and I
told him that investing time in a relationship without
value is not good....and he said I'm kinda right and I made
him think about it hehe...
This is all for today...I'm gonna write something these
days too if I'm gona have time..hehe...see ya...:)))