Why Me?
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2001-09-07 23:08:14 (UTC)

False Winds...


Is it just me, or does that entry title sound dramatic?
Ah, probably just me. Well, Diary, I'm in O-fucking-hio.
The joy and bliss - I can't contain myself. Yeah, if you
were wondering, it sucks ass. Not because of Ohio
(although, it IS a proven fact that Buckeyes can't
drive :), but because I've just been sitting around doing
nothing - and been referred to as "the child". Guasdf.
Yes, guasdf. It means "guasdf". Here I go, off on some
random tangent while I was trying to bitch about something
entirely different!!! Oh well.
I am so fucking sick of life. I don't know if I wrote
it in here or not, but not even a week ago, my father
called my MOTHER - my MOTHER - a "stupid fucking cunt". I
want to leave the bastard so bad, but I'm only 15 - I can't
very well run away. A) my dad and mom would kill each
other, and B) how would I get an education? *sighs*
I want to be a writer, Diary. That's all in the world
that I want. Sadly, I know it will never be. Sorry, I
just felt an urge to express that.
Today, my mom and a friend were talking about a mutual
friend, whom they decided was too "fake". I wanted to
laugh so hard that I'd cry when I heard that. My mother,
calling someone else fake??? That's so fucking
hypocritical it's beyond funny. My mom is the most fake
(or is it fakest?... no, definately most fake) person on
the whole damned planet!!!!!
Ah well, Diary. What the hell am I talking to you
for? Huh? Does it matter? I didn't think so. I suppose
that I'll be off. Adieu...