2003-01-07 15:37:05 (UTC)

it's a good day so far-

soo today has been okay, better than i was expecting it
to be. i woke up atl ike 6 but i couldn't figure out what i
was doing so i went back to bed till 7. the parental units
left early for the hospital so i didn't have to put up with
them.. sweet. alicia woke up late so i had extra time to
chill- and sam called me up to let me know he couldnt
get his car opened and wasn't coming, so i just talked
to him on the phone until alicia came. that was good
because i wasn't sure if things were going to be odd at
first so i am definitly happy. dude why is it so frickin'
cold outside today? i wish it woulda snowed longer
because the kim hates school. i like chicken, i like
chicken, i like chicken nuggets! haha justin is my homie
g dawg. oh yes i'd like to thank all of my homies for last
night. justin, my psychiatrist lol*
school licks balls so much man. in communications
we had to start and finish a page layout and everything
is just so screwed up so i'm like under too much
pressure. but i think i'm good i just have to write one
headline and turn it in by 3 today. now i'm sitting here in
driver's ed learning about accidents or something- i'm
not too sure. today after school i gotta go home and
show my parents that i did my homework and then i
think i'll do something. i'm really frickin' cold so i think
i'm gonna go. peace.

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