Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
2001-09-07 21:58:43 (UTC)

Hello everybody!!!

"The beauty of my youth is gone, but the chemicals

still remain." ~Nelly Furtdo

Just a little something to think about for everybody out
there. Youmy get i, you may not. Anyways, so today is
Friday and I couldnt be happier!(Well, I wouldnt have
minded a freakin' paycheck today.=) Anyways, frst let me
say that my keyboard keys are sticking and letter that I
press are not coming up, and I a tired of going back and
fixing them so if I miss a letter I miss a etter. See, it
just did it.

So I havent written in a while. What are you missing? Mmmm,
not much. I started walking(Homer "woo hoo!")... and Keith
and are doing better the past few days. He's been calling
me and emailing me. And I am still confused ofcourse. I
went to the doctor to get a referal to a psychiatrist, so I
a little closer to sanity, maybe. Tonight I think my
medicine will be a bottle of Chateau St. Michelle. Very
good white wine if you like white whine. I deserve it.

Work is going good, although I am afraid that while some
parents are happy with my unconventional ways, some may not
be. Like today we were playing with the musical instruments
and at first you know we were lisetning to cheesy kid
songs, but then I put on some NSYNC to dance and play tunes
along with, and one of the parents came to get their child
and shes already anal, but I am like dude, its fucking
Friday, we have been working hard all day, and you know
these kids listen to NSYNC on the radio at home, so whats
the problem, its only cean cut pop!Its not like I am
playing Grateful Dead or Eminem. Altough, I woulnt see
anythig wrong with Grateul Dead, its not like the kids
would understand the wordsanyways, but parents still wuld
not approve. So we will see how it goes. I am just
different. I like to do thing differently in my own way. I
like to have fun for godsakes!

So I am sorry I dont have any juicy stories to tell. I have
just been working. Maybe I will aquire some juicy stories
this weekend!

PS...Sorry if I offended anyone by saying the "f" word, but
thats what I say, not "freakin" or "friggin", and its MY
JOURNAL!!!=) Later on!