Squeeb's world
2001-09-07 21:01:58 (UTC)

The change thing

Ok maybe it's cuz I'm not big on the whole change-thing but
sometimes don't you think some people rush into things a
little too quickly? Like today my friend comes into class
and announces to me that she had quit her job. Fine. But
then, halfway through the class she decides that she doesn't
want to be in this program any longer and is going to
switch. Wow but hel-lo, we're at the start of 3rd semester,
of 4. That's a crapload of money to have wasted. And how
come the decision was made on the spur of the moment? I hope
she knows what she's doing and isn't just jumping into
things. Obviously it wasn't that thought out. I just hope
she does what's best for her.
Ok, and you knew this was coming- I watched the VMAs
last night and OH MY GOD!! Can JC have gotten any cuter?!
And how much do they rock- they won 4 out of the 6 awards
they were up for? They are so cool. Not only that but to win
the Viewer's Choice after being behind of the BSB all week?
That was pretty darn cool. And how funny was Justy with the
whole apologizing for winning and saying that other
musicians were robbed of the award- that was THE funniest
thing. And all I have to say is that fan who got to hug JC
is the luckiest girl on this earth. I know it sounds corny
but I would sooooo love to hug him. He just looks like the
cuddly type and besides that, I love him. And their
performance was pretty cool. I was hoping maybe they'd
perform "Gone" but the way they did "Pop" was cool and
besides that, Michael Jackson appearing was kinda cool.
Anyways enough of my obsession!

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