Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2003-01-07 08:36:43 (UTC)

I just spent a week in San..

I just spent a week in San Diego, and now I am back. Last
week was a weird week for me. I guess it was a good week
but at the time was a bad one.

First off, me and COrr almost broke up last week! Can you
believe it! But we worked everything out and we both
relized that a week apart was not what we needed because it
made us miss each other and made it all hell. But a good
thing came of that too not that it was a good thing that we
almost broke up. But I was in a hysterical crying stage
when I called my ex best friend... I was balling by the
time she got on the phone and I was totally like "I am so
sorry for calling you..." and I went on. And she was the
great person she has always been and talked to me. She
listened to me. And so, we are kind of talking now. And I
am very greatful for that because I really need this right

Second off, I think I am a depressed person. I need pills
or something to balance myself out. I cry for no reason
now, I want to die sometimes and I just get sick to often
now. Maybe I should see a shrink! I could be crazy too! But
that is something I always say. I dont want anyone to worry
about me, so I will just say that I am just letting go of
everything and starting over and hopefuly I will be good.

Now that I have probably made things worse with people I
will let this go and just say bye
Have a sunny day

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