My Life Story
2001-09-07 20:18:40 (UTC)


What a day! I had 4 tests today....AP History, Advanced
American Lit, Precalc, and Zoology!! (Or, in other words,
all my non-music classes) I don't feel all that confident
in how I did on any of them, but I think I at least did
fairly well. (Hopefully!!)

There's been all kinds of development in this homecoming
ordeal. My friend and I have been working on hooking each
other up, and at the moment we each have guys that
are "thinking about it." The two of us have been going
crazy waiting for these guys to decide what they're gonna
do!! It's so frustrating! At least they're considering it,
though. They could have just flat out said no. We have
another football game tonight so that will give us time to
talk to our guys and to each other's guys and try and get
things all decided. I really hope things end up working out
for both of us. Actually, I just really hope that whatever
happens, we're both in it together. (So we don't end up
with one of us having a date and one of us getting turned
down or something)Well, I'm gonna go get some dinner. I'll
probably write more later tonight after the game.
Hey...maybe I'll even have some good news!! :)

~Daria :)