Who the hell let this girl out of the in
2001-09-07 20:04:54 (UTC)

dating men?? whats that???

sorry bout not writing yesterday but i was busy

so anyway i have a date with this girl but i don't know if
she knows its a date??? do you know what i mean?? i hope so,
but anyway so i wwnt to school today and i was really really
giggly. like really bad annoying giggly!!! People were so
pissed at me it scary but w/e kiss my ass.

i have health class last period on friday and tuesday witch
i don't mind having but it really sucks ass when everyone is
so damn unconfortable with the whole thing. its sex class i
know, people think they know evrything witch is not turn we
are always learning but i know what i know and i keep up on
everything. i don't have sex that much but i know what im
doing i know that i even not that good at it. i suck i know
ive had people tell me how much it sucks ass really bad and
that is just bad in the whole damn thing. i know about
dental dams and shit i dont' need anymore. IM GAY I DON'T


super queer womyn

ps:: i had my first thought of being with a guy not sexually but just dating ewwwww!!!