Raining In Autumn
2001-09-07 20:00:21 (UTC)

Life In A Factory

GRR my job is driving me nuts. Since I am taking a year off
from college (I just needed rest and wanted to make some
money) I got a job unloading trucks at a furniture company.
Well other than unloading trucks, it is also my
responsibility to keep frames pushed up for the Upolstery
guys to build. I have to make sure all the fabric,
cushions, and poly are in the frames so all they have to do
is pick up the frame, build the job, and go on to the next.
Well if anyone has ever worked in furniture, you'll know
that the Upolstery guys are the "spoiled brats" of the
furniture industry. Unloading trucks takes up a lot of my
time and I don't get a lot of help from the other guys
around there so usually I'll forget to put something in the
jobs to be built or maybe the Upolsters just want to whine
and next thing I know, they're like "Hey, you need to teach
Derek how to do his job" or "he's not swept our floor
today" or some other crap that they think I should do for
them. My supervisor usually has to go tell the plant
manager that the Upolstery guys are just trying to cause
trouble and that I've not done anything wrong. I don't know
if it's because I am young or because I stand up to them,
but they seem hell-bent out to get me fired. Maybe I should
just tell them to load up their own jobs and do it their
own selves and walk out...I'll never understand why grown-
ups have to act like 12 year olds.

Other than the work issue, things are going good. It's
finally Friday so I'll be washing my car up in about an
hour and heading into town to see who all is out. I might
have that race with Tyler's Saturn tonight, who knows :)
Shannon will be out with her friend Megan tonight but she
said she'd stop by and hang out with me for a while. I
think it's gonna work out good if we alternate nights.
Fridays are for friends, Saturdays are for each other. Of
course all of this is still speculation, I'll just have to
see how well oru first date goes Saturday. Ah well, time to
burn a cd for the night ;)


Music: "Hate Me Now" - Nas