Nick's Journal
2003-01-07 04:33:03 (UTC)

The Fading of a Holiday

Christmas. Oh what a joy. it's the one time of year that
we get together and celebrate family, friends, and food.
slowly but surely the spiritual symbolism has merely
become a reminiscient of what an echelon of our society
still clings to. our needs are commercialistic and
materialistic. not getting that gift or receiving that
gift is the cause of stress. the love for one another is
an exasperation of emotion that we feel we need to leak
out. so there i go around the day after christmas people
are returning stuff and the bleakness of the end is
all we want is a continuation of happiness and it's
ruthlessly ripped from us. the lengthy preparation before
hand (usually by the end of thanksgiving) is like
investing all of your money in one stock. you're now all
caught up on it, it becomes your life and ever minor
downturn is your own, the stress that eminates and the
failure that radiates becomes you. finally when the ride
is over you're just destroyed.
really the coldness of my car is what drives these cynical
no pun intended.