~WoRlD o' ThOuGhTs & DrEaMs~
2001-09-07 19:16:02 (UTC)

~*~So Emotional~*~

Wow, so much has been going on here. I haven't wrote
in here for like ever.....i have been living with my dad
and Andrea. Brandon lives with us. I am so confused about
him and what he does and says.... He will tell me how much
he loves me and how we will always be together forever and
we are going to get married and so on....but we are not
going out and he isn't sure if we should go out just yet.
I personally think that he is affraid of committing to what
he says. I know he does love me and i love him and we will
be together forever, but he needs to chose soon. We
do "stuff" and then he will go on and start to talk about
how he misses Jessica and how he wants to go out with all
these people..... The other night we had sex and then he
held me in his arms and told me how much he loves me and
how i am all he needs is me and so on... then we went to
sleep and then in the morning we did it again and then
after that he said "i don't think we should do this anymore
because i feel like i am falling back on it" so i guess
that i am what he falls back on. That made me so mad i
almost started to cry. I just don't know what to think
anymore. you know....

Well, i will get back later to write more...