The Sexy Blonde
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2003-01-07 04:17:01 (UTC)

Break is Over

Yes I do have the game Creatures, and (lilwild) if you have
any suggestions on how to play because I am so tripped out
over the game and I just don't understand. I thought it was
going to be easy..but before I keep playing I need to go
buy a memory card, so that I can play on the same game and
not start over every time.
Today was the first day of school, not the first day, but
the first day back. It was horrible, I got my rag, and it
was just such a horrible day, I got tons of homework dumped
on me too. I'm actually in the middle of typing up
something for English II right now.
I ate lunch with Erica, Maria, and Margarita. Lunch was
pretty nasty today, the fake plastic forks..they must have
replaced the brand of them because they don't even cut the
fake meat anymore. I love tea, I bought one from our school
store, a bottle of cold Nestea. Well I downs another 3 cans
of tea, and then I ate some other stuff from the freezer.
I'm watching The Simpsons now, the one where Marge gets
addicted to gambling. Well anyway, I need to get off, and
call Jose and finish typing my stuff!
Have a great day!

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