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2003-01-07 03:32:50 (UTC)

6th * A new YeaRR

crazy..6 more months and i am out of this high school
nonsense..who needs it anyway? well new yrs calls for new
resolutions :

-no more arguing with mama
-no more smartassness from me
-no more sarcasm
-stop procrastinating
-no more chocolate
-stop galavanting and sleep earlier
-stop ditching 1st period
-more running, less eating! hehe..ymca rite Dre?

anyway, this past few months have been kinda..unstable..
but i am permanant worker at Suncoast at the mall, and my
so called friend..wait, best friend dint' get hired. now
she's all mad at me cuz she's talking all this shit..i
mean, what kind of friend is that? did i personally do
anything to prevent her from getting that job? that
fucking sucks. can't she be a lil happy for me? or at least
tell me that she's mad? and what's funny is that yeah, i'm
hired but nothing is official for her until the 17th cuz
she's on call. they might even hire her so she should jus
shut up. fuck dude. stop thinking that everything is a
competition..and if it is, work hard n fair to win.

**just venting out**