2001-09-07 18:49:28 (UTC)


money is horrible. i swear i live from check to check. i
know a lot of people who have to do the same thing. but its
horrible. i am so glad i don't really have that many bills.
school and work are a big headache as it is and the money
thing is not helping. if i didn't still live at home i would
be a bum! i wonder if there is a get rich quick schemes that
i can getinto. lol yeah right. well i guess this whole thing
isn't too bad. but i hate having to go ask my parents for
money. whenever i have to ask for money it makes me feel
like they are in full control. well i guess they are being
that i still have a curfew and have to tell them where i am
going all of the time. i guess there is nothing i can do
until i act like an adult and move out.

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