my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-01-07 03:11:00 (UTC)

*todays* entry

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! ok. first. ok. i stayed up Far too late
last night i even tried t odirnk that NASTIEST coffee. it
was black and ssttrrronnng and so nasty. i am very serious
(i hate coffe...) i put in abiout 2 tablespoons of sugar,
maybe one or two of creamer, and about 2 teaspoons of
concentrated vanilla surrup and it STILL tasted like crap.
lol. so i dumped it out and drank french vanilla
cappichino. ok then at school today i found out something i
can do with my class which rocks im much happier now. hey!
in biology lab we dissected a fetal pig :) it was so weird.
i was all grossed out at first but then i helped tammy tie
it down(lol...) and we both did probably an equal ammont of
work it was fun.... sorta... yea.. lol. theres something
about cutting open and exploring a pig that makes u realize
how much use soap is(even with the gloves on). and we're
not done lol we had to put them oin bags and we're
finishing next week!! isnt't that great lol... ok. well mrs
felecia picked us up(me and shawn my cuz) from school and
we went to her house and i was watching winnie the pooh
with her 2 yr old and he got off my lap to play w/ toys and
i fell asleep lol. i slept through the whole movie, minus
the previews and first 10 minutes. but then shawn woke me
up twice(gerrr i was sleeping) and lawrence threw a pillow
at me s oyea. i eventually had to get up cuz we were
leaving. so then, dadd, shawn and i went to get liz(Lil
sis) from my grandmas(cuz grandma picked her up from
school) and we ate supper there and when we went in her
house, it had been raining. when we came out... IT WAS
SNOWING!!!!! i was like "AHHHHHHHH" cause i LOVE snow!!! it
was great :) the whole way home i was watching it. when i
got home i talked to amy for a while(like a hour) and i
went out side right before we got off the phone and oh wow
its sticking and im so happy *tehe* i love snow!! our
street is already covered !! *yayyyyy* snowwww i love
snow!!! last year steph(sis) jeff(her fiance) and i made a
snow house! it was fun. and we made a ridiciously huge snow
man. i mean he was taller than me. his lower section(i
think he was only 2 balls cause we couldn't reach any
higher) was (before he broke) up to my stomache and fat as
wow. hum. lol im trying to think of something. i dont know
i can't think of anything... oh! big tires! like... for 18
wheelers. that wide no prolly bigger ahh it doenst matter
it was huge. ok. lol. we always have huge snowball fights
in the neighboorhood too. no matter that i dont ever hang
out with them any more, its always the same fights. yea. i
love snow:) did i say that already? ok im going to go!
maybe i'll actually put this one in today haa... yea i
haven't been online in a day. lol. thats long for me. bye~
p.s. i love pickles and daddy got a gallon jar wow lol!