My scary movie
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2001-09-07 18:12:49 (UTC)


Today I went for the last induction at college, I start
classes on Monday, I totally dont have a clue where to go,
or what exactly Im suppose to do before then.

Last night I saw Scary Movie 2, and it was tighte. I went
with Jill, Angie and Gemma, Gemma was so late though I
thought I was gonna miss some shit, but I didnt. The next
thing I gotta do is see American Pie 2.
I hate it in the UK we get all the latest films when
they're like old in the states, jes pisses me off.

Anywayz, Ive stared on the redecoration of the site. Its
gonna be jes a place for me to put my dollz, have my say
and put some seriously funny shit on.

Other than that I aint did shit, besides shittin it for
college, but its expected, of me anyway.


Today: parma pasta 145.2
ice cream

Weighing in at: 9 st
------------complete with winter clothes, n belly of blood.