enter my train of thought
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2003-01-07 01:54:04 (UTC)


well i just realized that the forward i put in here
yesterday i had already put in here on the 31st, but oh
well some of you got to be amused again which never hurts.

argh im gonna hafta talk about my hatred of money for
another minute here.
we have this van that we got right before elizabeth was
born. and it was cool for awhile but like 2 years ago the
transmission died and that cost like $2,000. which was not
cool. and then my sister totalled our other car, which
meant we had to buy a new (used) car when my parents
definetly weren't planning on that. but then thankfully my
uncle moved to nyc and "gave" us his car, so we had 3 cars
and my sister was finally able to drive us to school. but
now the stupid van's transmission is dying again, and we
dont have the money to fix it, much less buy a new car. so
thats all my parents talk about these days and i hate it.
and im also being selfish because if we dont get another
car then i wont be able to drive to school junior year. but
thats the least of the problems. my head hurts like a beast
so i think im just gonna go to bed.

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