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Starting from Scratch
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2003-01-07 01:24:45 (UTC)

casper from kids

yeah yeah, so i'm here chillin listenin to kids soundtrack,
just zoned out! yea yea, so my frip....my lovely frip.
lets just say things for her aren't goin so great. but i'm
really trying to be there for her, tomorrow were going
downtown to look at places for employment and possibly
live. it sucks to see her in the same position i was in so
many times before back in okc. i kinda see everythong over
again. only thing i'm gonna be there for the girl! jah
rasta jah!
yeah wierd thing happened. i got in touch somehow with
a chica i knew (sorta) back in okc. well i knew of her,
saw her all the time, and whatnot. anyway, we got to
talking and it really sucks i never got to know her better
when i lived there. very chill muh lady! bitch of an ex
tho...*thinks...ahhh fuck it!
yeah yeah, so yeah. *pulls the string...***"the cow says
mooooo." yeah yeah, and you know this...maaannnn.

lata killas!