My own Ruin
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2001-09-07 16:32:49 (UTC)

Lazy Day Wasted Day Gone Forever a Waste of Time

Well as this is my first entry i think maybe i should tell
you something about myself I'm 19, well i will be on the
23rd. I live in the west of Scotland (Oh what a joy it is
to be here). I just started college where i'm doin social
sciences and i hope i'll get to go to uni and get a degree
in psychology.

Well today I woke up and remembered that Donna told me she
was leaving soon. I realise that this is only for 6 weeks
but I know that in that 6 weeks it'll be a painful reminder
that when she comes back, a month later she'll be gone and
I'm going to miss her like mad.

I've done nearly nothing all day except pluck my eyebrows,
what an exciting life i lead, my only day off from college
and work and i pluck my eyebrows boring boring boring
i feel like i've wasted a day been wasting my life really
but it brings it all home to u on days like this when you
have time to think, i dont think i'm making sense, i'll
shut up n write more tmrw.