This is My Story
2003-01-07 00:45:24 (UTC)

The REAL First Entry

Okay that before was just the intro to me. This is the REAL
thing. It was written a few days ago...hafta get caught up
with with it. Get ready, you're in for a
ride....and PS...yes, i'm sure some of you know who "him"
is...but don't go opening your mouth and telling everybody.
I called him "him" for a reason. ~*Duh!*~

9:16:53 AM
Well, another year is gone, another year is here. 2002 can
kiss my butt! Ha! It’s FINALLY over. But it wasn’t all bad.
Lets recap. The best thing that happened was probably
spending all that time with “him” in Florida…dating him,
just being together. The worst thing is probably that we
broke up. I miss him, but…he obviously doesn’t miss me in
that way, so…whatever. I’m pretty happy though, because I
AM getting over him. Little by little, I am doing the
impossible, and feeling extra good about it.
Anyway, let’s move on. Jason introduced me to Chris at the
mall the other night. He’s a cool guy. Actually, he’s an
extremely nerdy guy. A geek. Totally embraces his dorky
side. (inside joke, don’t ask) I also met Chris’s friend
Cameron. THAT was an experience. I think I made a friend.
The minute Chris introduced me, Cameron asked me if I was
single…then threw his arms around me, yelling, “Look Chris,
I’m hugging a single girl! I’m hugging a single girl!” I
never did find out what that was about. But he spent the
entire night out with his arms around me. I have a sneaking
suspicion, though, that I shouldn’t get emotionally
attached to him. This is probably because he told
me, “Don’t get emotionally attached to me, because I’m not
sure I’ll be able to return those feelings. After what I’ve
been through, I don’t have any emotions left.” O-Kay!
Pretty sure that won’t be a problem. Hehehe, anyway. All of
Chris’s friends are cool, and they’re awesome at DDR. I was

Anyhow, I really should start cleaning out my room…have to
pack it up for the Little Move…we don’t know where we’re
moving…but I have to start packing! Thus sayeth the
parental units. You see, though, how much packing I’m doing…
sitting in the recliner…typing away! I’ve been thinking
about starting another piece of fiction..but I’ve got no
inspiration. I’ve constantly got the urge to write, but I
have nothing to write about! Oh sure, I could write about a
character conquering her own demons, and ending the
masochism she calls a love life. But where’s the fun in
that? Actually, I am writing about that…you, whoever “you”
might be, are reading it now. Honestly, I think I am going
to become a nun. The first Pentecostal nun. I figure it’s
better to choose a celibate life than to have it thrust
upon you. Much less pathetic, especially for a girl my age.
I’m beginning my LAST semester of high school on Monday.
WAH-HOO!!!! I’ve waited 17 years to be able to say that.
I’m seriously living for May 30th right now. If I had a
boyfriend I’d be able to focus on him…but whaddyagonnado?
Focus on my schoolwork, that’s what! (yeah more
than I ever have) I seriously have to do something. I want
to do something with my life…I’m so sick of the same
routine everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I like structure…but
this is getting crazy. Monday through Friday, wake up at
5:30, shower, get dressed, start doing hair/makeup/contacts
etc. at 6, be ready to go by 6:25, leave the house at 6:35,
be at school by 7. Go through the motions of school, same
classes, same people, same everything. School lets out at
3:08. Call jason at about 3:20, leave school at about 3:45,
get home at about 4. Eat Dinner at 5, whilst watching the
Simpsons, Jason calls at 5:35 on his way to work, talk to
him until 6, watch the Simpsons again at 6, go online at
about 6:30 or 7 for an hour. Watch a little TV until 9,
then pop in a movie, talk on the phone…Jason calls again at
about 11…talk to him until about midnight, then I go to
bed. It is sooooo sad that I can plan out my ENTIRE day. To
the minute. *shakes head* This is ridiculous. My new years
resolution is to get a life.
Well, except for my usual ramblings about how irritating my
family can be, I think this entry is long enough. I hope
they’re not all this long…my wrists hurt.

10:54:37 AM
Okay I thought of more stuff. I think I might be losing my
mind. Or my best friend. Maybe both. Jason’s starting a
band with this girl named Leah. Apparently Leah’s moving to
missouri, so that’s where Jason wants to go.
I’m sorry but that’s crazy. Leah and I aren’t very good
friends, but we’re friends, and to be perfectly honest I’m
feeling some resentment towards her. Call it jealousy, call
it Protective Sister Syndrome. Whatever. I don’t like the
idea of my best friend moving out of state for a BAND.
Plah. I don’t know. Maybe I’m being selfish. But Jason is
the only person I know that I can trust with everything
that goes on in my life. He’s my soulmate, the older
brother I never had. (And just so you know, I am of the
belief that your soulmate can be anyone, not just someone
that you’re in love with.)
(And P.S. To Jason, if he should ever read this: don’t
argue with me about losing you so you can go to Missouri.
It won’t work.)

2:01:48 PM
Just got a piece of good news *gasp!*. My report card came…
(“and this is good news?” you ask) 4 a’s and 3 Bs…which
somehow adds up to a 4.00556 GPA! My real one is
3.77142..which is still higher than it’s ever been, so I’m
thrilled…I got A ‘B’ IN HUMANITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IN WCC
Hehehe I know I’m probably scaring some of you but those
are the 2 hardest classes my school offers. (not counting
math and science classes) I rank 38 out of 441 in my
graduating class. I am like thrilled right now. I’m going
to treat myself to some ice cream.