my so called life
2001-09-07 16:32:37 (UTC)

Letter to dana

Friday 07.09.2001.. about 5.30 p.m.
Haven’t written since last Friday.. It’s been a stressing
week with a lot of homework. School isn’t so bad though.
Our class is great, there’s like no one I can’t stand,
which is great. The only subject I’m having difficulties
with at the time being is physics, maths is a lot of fun
actually. You remember I said I hoped some of Carl’s
intelligence would rub of on me? Well, I’m coping better
than him actually.. that makes me feel so good, I’ve been
feeling bad about school lately. The pressure of too great
expectations has been bringing me down. The sad part is
that I’m the one with the expectations. Anyway.. Carl is
great, and so is his friends (they are in my chemistry-
class). They’re like.. well-behaved and fun at the same
time. Ben’s in my chemistry class too, but I don’t talk
much with him. Sometimes I get sick of him, he’s always
trying to act cool and be friends with all the “cool
people” , at least he seems to think they are. Sometimes
he’s such a wannabe.
This year is going to be very different from last year, I
think.. We’re like sixth formers and in my country we’ve
got this tradition.. From the first of May to the 17th we
wear these red overalls with writings on and stuff..
Everyone does a lot of crazy stuff they’d normally never
do. Mainly it’s an excuse to celebrate that we’re leaving
school.. we just party 17 days in a row (almost) and it’s
going to be soooo cool! :) I can’t wait..
(I guess it sounds a bit lame, but I promise you it’s not!
The whole thing is tacky, tho :D )
The celebrations start around Christmas with a few parties,
but it doesn’t really start ill May. People get together
and buy a wreck of a van, paint it and spend the night in
it and stuff. Tonight we’re going to Silvia’s to talk about
how to raise the money and things like that. We’re going to
cook too. It’ll be fun, I think =)
Tomorrow I’m going to my friend Juliet’s birthday party.
Jej :))

Last Saturday I stayed in, since I wasn’t fully recovered..
Got a message from Tom asking what I was doing and when I
said nothing much he was like : so we’re both lonely on a
Saturday evening? I told him I wasn’t lonely, just alone
(there’s a big difference, you know) and he didn’t reply. I
think he wanted me to say something like yeah, we should do
something together. He phoned yesterday, drunk, you know,
and I was like you always call me when you’re out partying.
He told me that normally he’s shy and doesn’t have the guts
to call. I was like, uh, okay.. He said he’d call me today,
but I don’t know if he remembers.
He phoned twice yesterday actually, and he said that we
should get together more often and that he wanted us to go
on a date.. “go out for a coffee” he said. (yep, in
English). I was like eh.. I dunno.. I wanted to ask if it
was over between him and his girlfriend or something, but
that would be so lame if it’s not and he was just joking
around.. So I didn’t say yes or no, I just laughed. I don’t
know why I care at all.

I think I’m going to dye my hair now.. that’s not
something new, I do that a lot, but I’m going to try a
darker shade this time.. Hope it doesn’t look like shit!

Well, then I’m off..
Leave me a message if you want.. you know it makes my
day :)

- C -

^ ^

(you get it?it's a cat..I'm Cath..sheese,I'm so retarted:D)