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2001-09-07 16:29:47 (UTC)

i dont know what to think about..

i dont know what to think about you.
i dont know how to feel.
i thought that we were better than this.
i thought that you were at least.
but youre crazy like me.
and i guess this should have been expected.
thank you for clousure though.
and thank you for being honest with me.
i understand how you feel.
and i know that i hurt you.
but what you dont seem to realize is that it was not
i love you as a person.
and youre still a good friend
in my eyes.
i know that we cant communicate anymore.
and thats alright.
im busy all the time anyway.
but im here for you.
just know that.
and thats not going to change with time.
i love you.
and i hope all the days that we dont talk
are happy ones. =)