This is My Story
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2003-01-07 00:34:25 (UTC)

The First Entry.....

Okay kiddies....since this IS my first entry, i should
probably go about the business of introducing myself, etc.
My name is Vanessa, I'm 17 years old (I'll be 18 in June)
and I live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, USA. I am of
the belief that music is the soundtrack to our lives...and
that without certain musicians my life wouldn't be the
Now, I'll do a brief intro to some of the characters in
this comedy of errors i call a life.
Jason-One of my two Best Friends in the whole wide world.
He's always there for me and i try to be there for him.

Kari-Female version of jason...or is jason the male version
of kari? Hmmm...anyhow, Kari is there for me when i have
stupid girly problems that i can't talk to jason about
because....ew! he's a boy for sobbing out loud!!!!

And there are others, whom I'll introduce along the way.

So. That's a brief history of me, excluding the fact that
my mother is totally overbearing and my parents split when
i was 2. Okay.

So I'm really not sure what else to i'm gonna
stop this entry and go into the actual DIARY stuff. Names
will be left out sometimes, to protect the innocent...or
the guilty.

Love, Me!