Miss Tasty and Fyne
2001-09-07 15:22:00 (UTC)

After Last Night

I spent time with my baby last night and it was so great.
We made the best of love last night. We watched a movie
Original Gangsters and smoked some bud and listened to
music. Earlier in the day we started I let him taste me
and penetrate my hot moistness but we never finished and he
ended up jacking all over my stomach. I was hot last night
I wanted him bad since we didn't get to finish earlier. We
went into the bedroom and turned on some Tupac *All Eyes On
Me* I started first by kissing his nipples and gliding my
tongue all over his body, I lightly kissed around his still
kinda soft but growing manhood, I stook it in my mouth all
the way to the base of it. I massaged my tongue against it
as i moved up and down my baby was like ah shit it was good
he had missed me. I sucked to the beat then California
Loving with Dre'and Pac he wanted me to ride it. I love to
ride it. I was wet and hot all over to feel him inside me
like that. He told me he wanted to taste me and I let him
because my baby gives some fire head. I came up and sat on
his face and he stuck his tongue deep inside tasting my
juices and sucking them out like he was thirsty. If you
knew how good it was, remebering it now is making me super
wet, but anyway I like to feel daddy's cum, he loves it
when i call him daddy, I like to feel him inside so we
changed to doggy style for a pump or two but my baby likes
when i lay on my stomach and he hits it from behind, it
gets so tight for him and he loves my hairy underarms so
while he is on top of me he grabs me by them and pounds
home The sounds he makes makes my pussy flow like the
niagra falls, I likes it when i am his freaky little nasty
bitch. While we were doing doggy style he grabbed my by my
hair and fucked me so hard i could have be thrown through
the wall but the force but he was holding my hair so i
wasn't going anywhere. When it is feeling extra good my
baby will mumble ah damn and his sweat dripping all over me
drives me crazy. I wanted to feel him deep inside me so we
turned over and he thrust it on home he likes it with my
pussy is so wet he can go swimming. He spread my legs as
far as the could go and fucked the shit out of me then he
put my legs straight in the air and fucked me some more. I
know my baby loves me I don't know how he couldn't I dgot a
fat ass as hurricaine tongue and some wet ass pussy,
everytime we do it it gets better and better. I know my
baby like to hit it from behind so i turned back over stuck
my ass in the air and let my baby shoot his hot cum in my
hot pussy, I got this trick that i use my muscles to suck
all his cum out of his dick he loves that too. Well I
think i have a wet spot underneath me just remebering about
it. I can't wait to be my daddy's freaky little bitch