No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-01-06 23:11:19 (UTC)

One of those days...

hey! Well, I didn't get to sleep until after 2:30. I don't
know when...but that was the last time I looked at the
clock. I went to bed at 11:22. I had one of those feelings
like something was extremely wrong. I don't know what
yet...but I never know those things.
We got new sceduals today... it feels like a whole new
school year.
First period I have Mrs. Rhorer for Algebra. She tried to
act hard, and she isn't good at it. lol. She isn't the type
of person to be tough at all. She gave us work...grr.
Second period wasn't all that bad either. I have Mrs.
Miller for English Honors 2. I've had her before for
English Honors it really wasn't all that bad. It was
basic stuff I already knew...but we did some partner work
and stuff like that...nothing hard at all.
Third Period I have Mrs. Goar for Biology. I've had her
before for Physical Science. I don't like her much. But, I
have some really cool people in that class. We just got to
know eachother a little today. That's all.
Forth Period I have Mr. K for World History Honors. We got
our books and look through them. That's all we really did
in there...then we talked and hung out.
All together my day wasn't that bad. My sister was being
snappy though. I tried to sleep around 4:50-5 ish but like
5 mintues after I dozed off...I woke up shaking from being
so cold. My room is a refrigerator. My window is leaking
air in somewhere. ITS SO COLD.
Nothing else has really gone on so far's 6:10
now...I'll write later or tomorrow if something interesting
comes around.
I'm gunna go. Later.