2003-01-06 21:47:06 (UTC)

number 1

Do you ever just have so many thoughts running through
your head that you just dont know what to do? I think I
just put myself through so much stress sometimes, and I
dont even know why. All I want to do is make people happy,
but if I cant amke myself happy...what can I do?
I just finished my first semester of college, I didnt do
that well with my grades but I think I did ok. I was under
a lot of stress. Not being able to see my boyfriend at the
time as much as I used to and it seemed that everytime I
did see him, the feelings werent always mutal. But I
realize now I was just asking for to much from him. Where
over now and I know its for the best, we were more like
friends anyway. I just hope one day we can be friends
again. I also had some family problems and for me to get
upset over something that has to do with my family is very
rare so it really bothered me. Some stress might of been
from just adjusting to school, but I love it here. The
freedom, its not complete but its better then being in my
house. Well im just really venting, thats what these
things are for right?

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