Lady Camaro
2003-01-06 21:45:13 (UTC)

Where to start....

I have a few friends who have journals at livejournal. I
didn't wish to join there for one simple fact....I wasn't
sure how often I would use a feature like this. And since
you had to have a code from a member and they are limited to
invites. I decided to look around the net for a similiar
feature. And wallah....I found one. It may not be as fancy
but it will service its purpose and that is all I asked for.
So now that you know why I found myself here. We can move on
to other topics....

I feel the need to warn my friends or complete strangers
that might be reading this. My life is very boring. I am a
stay at home mom to a toddler. So yes I do have some
exicitement as any would know that has found themselves
caring for a toddler. But other than that nothing much is
going on in my life....

Speaking of the devil as if right on daughter
(Kailee - who is 28 months for those who wish to know), has
just came into the room screaming, EAT EAT! I thought I
could spare a few minutes starting this journal before she
acted up....but looks like she has other plans. ~laughs~
Well I am off and I hope to start on something more
meaningful soon. Or at least I can hope right?