Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-06 21:12:26 (UTC)

had lunch w/ the folks

Ugh, they can't stay with one idea long enough to answer
one question. Within one breath, they changed their minds
from one idea to another. You'd think that they'd be happy
that I want to pursue their dream for me "go into the hotel
industry" and be a good little money maker. UGH! I do
want to work in a hotel, hell I want to run a hotel, but to
do that I need the right education, and where do you get
that, at the number one school for that type of program,
UNLV (u of navada las vegas) no they want me to say close
to home so they can baby me. I'm fucking 27 yrs old and
they treat me like i'm 7 still!

UGH!!! I just want to be happy and having my parents
breathing down my neck all the fucking time.

Oh well, wish me luck.


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