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2003-01-06 21:08:00 (UTC)

New Year...

Holy Hell's a new year and a new journal. i
would like to remind you all that this is not a diary for
diaries are for girls and seeing how i am not a girl i must
therefore create something that is not feminine. that my
friends would explain why i am creating nothing more and
nothing less than a journal. and no, i am not gay for
those of you who think i am though it is true that i have a
small penis. neways... friends...ive just recovered from a
shitty christmas break and experienced my first day back to
school and i must say that todays experiences could rival
ne experience that satan him or herself could throw at
you; if only such a being existed. moving worried
about graduating. there are exactly 6 days of school left
in this semester excluding weekend days. for those of you
who cannot add that would mean there are 8 days left.
since nothign can be done on the last day of school in this
semester (as far as completeing work for the class is
concrened) that measn i truely only have seven days plus
tonite left to work. i have a shit load of work to do and
what exactly im doign writing this damn thing is a really
good question that i can not answer at this time mostly
because i like to ignore problems and that i simply dont
feel like writing extra, pointless, meaningless words that
once read really mean nothing to the reader and you could
have indeed skipped the entire last thirty words and still
have taken everythign from the entry that was meant to be
taken. now i will discuss the hi-lite of my day! the
second i got home from school -something that should be
the hilite of your day but when your a bushong its just
another misfortune of life- i called the akron police and
got a community interview scheduled with the head of the
APD's gang unit. how fucking exciting is that?? i almost
jizzed my pants! im like an enitre step closer to
graduating which is important step towards going on senior
trip. senior trip, by the way, is the only reason i even
care to graduate. its brian, ben, austin, tommy and myself
all sharing a room together for 5 nights and 6 days. if we
all dont get arrested for disturbing the piece, underaged
drinking, public obscenity or pissing on city owned bushes
it'll be a maracle! myrtle beach is going to hell neway!
that's all for today folks....peace out!!!!!!! Stevo7

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