2001-09-07 13:13:27 (UTC)

Red Heads Rock!

A while ago, I wrote about all the guys I liked at the end
of the summer. Well, none of them are worth the thought
anymore, except Josh. I have more or less totally forgotten
about Charlie, Troy, and Sam. All three are still my
friends, but I don't think I could ever like them again.
Josh, on the other hand, is great. I've been talking to him
just about everyday ( online and on the phone ). As much as
he teases me and pokes fun at me, I can't help but like
him. He is funny and sweet and great to talk to. I know
that there are plenty of guys that fit that description,
but for me there are few that I actually like that are all
of those things.
I guess that is all there is to say about him. He is just