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2003-01-06 20:33:58 (UTC)


Mondays...the best day of the week...reovering from the
weekend and hangovers..nevermind the fact I didnt do any
homework..Its all bullshit...haha...its all good.. But dont hangovers. I rode the bus to Kingswood because I
didnt feel like driving.But we didnt get too far...the bus
had a flat we had to call in another bus...its all
good. I got covered in snow in
still cold. Its alright. before I left
school...jamie said the funniest thing...I sat down to talk
to erin...and jamie was like..."jenn..u should go bi." I
looked at erin..and then I looked back at her "I.......Am."
everyone started to laugh cause they all knew..But then
jamie jumped on me and asked if I would ever go with was kinda freaky.
so Im out.