2001-09-07 12:46:46 (UTC)

There's Always So Much to Do

I didn't end up waiting for John. I fell asleep at about
11:30 p.m. But I'd left the light on in the bedroom and
heard him when he came in about 1 a.m., a little earlier than
expected. Old habits die hard, though. I'm up and it's not
even 6 a.m. yet. I'm tired. I started the laundry and
the dishwasher and when I finish writing this entry I'll
make myself some cafe au lait. I feel exhausted
and today promises to be a long day.

I had thought when the two younger boys began school last
Tuesday that things would ease up a bit but it isn't
true. There's always so many things that need to get done
or that I want to get done and there's never enough time.
I think I'll go fix that coffee now.
I'm back. I fixed myself a couple of pieces of buttered
toast while I was at it so that I can take my pills without
getting an upset tummy. Oh, it's hell to suddenly discover
onself getting old! But it's better than the alternative...

Time to get started on some of those chores before Gavin
and Hugh are up and looking for their breakfast.
I thought Gavin might have missed the school bus as he left
the house at 7:40 a.m. which is when the bus is scheduled
to leave the elementary school, two blocks away, but he
must have caught it as he didn't come back to ask me
for a ride. I heard a train about that time--Amtrak, I think.
I did yesterday at about this time too so perhaps the bus driver
waits a few minutes more for any stragglers as she'd just
have to wait at the tracks for the train anyway.

Oh, I forgot to tell John yesterday that one of the sheep
had gotten out of the pasture. I've learned from experience
not to try to get one in by myself. While trying
to get the one in, the others get out! She hangs around
the pasture fence to stay with the others but there's a danger she'll
discover the garden or the orchard. Sheep heaven!
Well, it might very well be sheep heaven if John
decides the knacker-man can have her.
I'll try to remember to tell John when he wakes up. I can't tell
him now. He was awake and reading his book in bed at
about 6:30 a.m. but now he's fallen back asleep again.