My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-06 20:16:52 (UTC)


Well, I can't believe that I'm already bored. I have a 5
hour break on Mondays and it's 1:12pm. My next class is at
4. I really need to do something... well, I was. I was
reading my book, but I have 6 chapters plus the epilogue to
go and I want to get this book read today so that I can
give it, plus the rest of the series to Lisey tonight.
She's going to need something to read while she's in
Crowsnest... plus it'll give me some more room for my other
books that I just bought... I really have to stop this. I
buy so many books and then I don't have any time to read
them. :-(
I really don't have that much to say. I wrote an email
about my current online situation. I hope that everyone
follows it and I'll let everyone know when at least one of
the computers in my house is up!
Anyway, I better check my email and get back to reading. I
guess I'll have more to say when I write in this
tomorrow... providing something interesting happens tonight
at swimming!


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