Kurt Cobain Lover

If you read .u'll judge
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2003-01-06 20:13:03 (UTC)

F u c k e d U p A g a i n

Is it normal to want to kill someone 24/7. I cannot stand
it people wanting me to be something i'm not. I dont wanna
be a mindless bimbo like most. I'm gonna be me if u dont
like it well plainly 'fuck off' The sad fact is that being
myself is not a thing i wanna always do being myself
consist of:
Coughing up blood,
Thinking about killing my self and
Crying every time i hear Kurt Cobains voice beacause he was
so misunderstood. The fact that now he's dead people judge
him without even making an efort to even read his diary or
find out about him. He's made out to be a fucking twat. All
thoes people who think that should be lined up and shot.
And i should be with them beacause i have no meaning.
Any sad twat could be reading this and just be insulted
beacause they cannot see between my words 'stop reading
theres no point' and thoes who can will soon find out that
i am a fucked up 14 year old girl and will soon loes
Like me my writing has no meaning and no point to it
being on this over populated planet which may i add will
soon turn against us and will kill every little fucked on
it. With nothing on it nothing can fuck with it. (i do
intend to die before this sad little killing prosses
starts) I do believe i do not have enough guts to kill my
self so i'm hoping someone will do it for me
by this stage in my writing u should know i dont give a
fuck about anyone or anything and there is very little
point in me wasting your oxygen

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