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2003-01-06 19:44:58 (UTC)

Exercise is good

2 days ago i was to go to an induction at a local leisure
center. But I changed my mind last minute, I was too
overdressed and was so embarrassed! I re-booked it for
sunday at 11.30am and I was inducted to the world of
fitness. This woman named Karen took me to the gym and then
went into a small office asking a few questions about me.
She measured my blood pressure as well and asked what I do
for fitness. She then did a little chart outlining what i
should do for the first 6 weeks. She then showed me how all
the equipment worked and how to use them.
That day I started my regime, jogging, cycling, shoulder
press, arm press, upper back, leg curl, arm stretch etc. It
was really fun and you feel really good after you worked up
a real sweat.
I went again today, did more or less the same thing but
found myself being able to do different things better,
guess its self improvement. Haha
It feels really good and I'd probably go 3 or 4 times a
week. I rather look thinner than weigh thinner, but its
great there. You are so motivated to do the stuff and you
don't feel at all intimidated. I let you know you know how
i get on in the coming weeks. See ya ^_^