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2003-01-06 19:27:59 (UTC)

this is me with the words on the tip of my tongue

"The Ultimate Survey!"

1. Full name: Sean Caldwell Hallam
2. Birthday: 10-28-86
3. E-mail address: [email protected]
4. What is your screen name? thisisnotseanh
5. Height: 6'?
6. Hair color: black
7. Eye color: hazel
8. School: Winter Springs High School
9. Grade: Sophomore
10. Fave foods: food is good
11. Fave colors: black, dark colors
12. Fave words: i'll see ya later (especially when you say it and
you know you're are gunna purposely not talk to them later... i love
13. Fave number: 8
14. Fave drink: rootbeer and milk
15. Hobbies: reading, playing various instruments,
watching movies, taking pictures, listening to music,
skateboarding, concerts
16. Do you play any sports? if skateboarding counts...
17. Do you find yourself attractive? no
18. What kind of perfume/cologne do you wear? none
19. What kind of music do you listen to? a little punk,
ska, emo, hardcore, screamo
20. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes
21. Who is your best friend? chris spark
22. Do you think you're popular? no

Guy Question:
23. Boxers or briefs? boxers

Girl Question:
24. 1 piece or 2 piece?

25. If you could have anything in the world, what would it
be? i'll get back to you
26. Would you ever go out with your best friends ex?
27. What color is your room? i dont know, my walls are
covered in posters
28. How many hours do you spend on the phone/online a
day? more than i should
29. What is favorite class in school? tv or band
30. What is your favorite season? summer
31. What are your favorite movies? Donnie darko, fight
club, nightmare before christmas, r of a D, kevin smith
movies, etc.
32. Which do you prefer: Teletubbies or Sesame Street?
Sesame Street
33. What do you think of Ouija boards? fake
34. What's on your mousepad? a blue m&m
35. Favorite concert you've been to: warped tour
36. Favorite magazine: thrasher
37. Favorite Smell: the smell of victory
38. Drinks, with or without ice cubes? With out
39. Worst feeling in the world: doubt
40. Best feeling in the world: happiness
41. Favorite thing to do on the weekend: hang out with
42. Favorite Soundtrack: requiem of a dream
43. Do you get motion sickness? no
44. Rollercoasters: yes
45. Pen or pencil: variety is the spice of life
46. Favorite authors: chuck p
47. Are you a good friend? no
48. Chocolate or vanilla cake? vanilla
49. Do you like to drive? no
50. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? no
51. What is your zodiac sign? scorpio, i think
52. What do you wear to bed? whatever i fall asleep in
53. Do you have a picture online? no
54. Who are your good friends? there's a diffence between who i
think are my good friends and those who really are my friends so i
have no idea
55. Do you know anyone who has died? grandmother, great
56. When was the last time you cried? i dont know, and if
i did i wouldn't say cus i'm too "manly"

Have you ever...
57. Broken the law: Yes
58. Ran away from home: yes
59. Broken a bone: no
60. Lied: more than i should
61. Cheated on a test: Yes
62. Played strip poker: yes
63. Had a medical emergency: yes

Do you believe in....
64. Love at first sight: yes
65. God: no comment
66. Aliens: heh
67. Horoscopes: no
68. Ghosts: heh
69. Yourself: No

Which is better....
70. Coke or Pepsi: coke
71. Oranges or apples: Apples
72. One pillow or two: one
73. Blondes or brunettes: hair
74. Taller or shorter: taller
75. TV or radio: movies and cds

76. What do u notice first? hair
77. Must-have personality trait? sense of humor
78. Hair: curly or straight? straight
79. Hair: long or short? hair
80. Thing you hate most about the opposite sex: pms
81. Thing you love most about 'em:

When was the last time you...
82. Watched Bambi? after my dog died me, my mom and my
sister all watched it
83. Got a real letter? when lauren was grounded for a
month and sent me brandon's schedule in the mail

84. Your most prized and important possession? my integrity
85. The worst song you've ever heard: any techno or rap song that
gets stuck in your head forever
86. Your favorite thing for breakfast: cereal
87. Your favorite thing for lunch: something that isn't
88. The best thing that happened to you today? i woke up

89. Makes you laugh the most? peter or keene or chris (in that i
dont ever talk but when i do i say the funniest thing kinda way)
90. Do you go to for advice? nobody understands why i do things
91. Do you hate? a lot of people
92. Knows the most about you? nobody
93. Has it easier, guys or girls? guys

94. Do you ever save AOL conversations? sadly yes...
95. Do you save e-mails? occasionally
96. How many people are on your buddy list? more than i
talk to
97. When do you usually go online? too much
98. Marriage: oh ya know...

100. Nicknames: seany, i dunno
101. Favorite music group: afi, alkaline trio, atreyu,
thursday, taking back sunday, big d, hopesfall, AAA, ltj,
forces of evil, rbf, shai hulud, catch 22, fata, op ivy,
poison the well, pedro the lion, rx bandits, saves the
day, senses fail, the used, mu330, further seems forever, link 80,
102. Favorite salad dressing: Ranch or creamy caesar
103. What type of deodorant do you use? right guard
104. Favorite shampoo or conditioner: the kind in my
105. Who do you chat with most? do you mean who i talk to the most
or who actually talks back to me when i talk to them
106. Word or phrases you overuse: dont worry about it
107. Toothpaste: crest
108. Do you get along with your parents? no, unless they are buying
me things, i'm an american (greedy)
109. Favorite town to chill in: new places
110. Favorite ice cream: oatmeal raisin
111. Favorite soda: coke
112. Favorite shoes: never thought of it enough
113. Favorite song at the moment: snapcase- coagulate
114. Favorite site: interpunk.com
115. Least favorite subject: history
116. Favorite sport to watch: skateboarding
117. Most humiliating moment: whenever people point out your flaws
in a large group or when people make fun of you just to make
themselves look "cooler" fucking jerks
118. Craziest/silliest person you know: keene (who else have i
played dragon ball z (where we light a tennis ball of fire and throw
it at eachother) with)
119. Favorite Holiday: valentines day... it's always so dissapointing
120. What kind of work do you do? the kind where you
actually dont do work and actually dont get paid
121. Are you an indoors or outdoors person? maybe

Do you have Children? nope

123. How many boys/girls? ?
124. Birthplace: Gainesville , Florida
125. Parent(s): John and Laura Hallam
126. Sibling(s): Erika
127. What do you look like? a pile of shit
128. Favorite TV shows: adult swim, south park,
insomniac, stand up comics on comedy central...
129. Favorite Actor(s): Edward Norton
130. Future School: either UCF or UF
131. Future job: lots of money!!!!!!!
132. Favorite candy: i'm not really into candy
133. Things you collect: pez dispensers, band tshirts
134. Do you have a personal phone line? i wish
135. Favorite thing on/in you: i hate myself
136. Favorite body part of the opposite sex: good question
137. Any tattoos and where of what? not yet
138. Piercing and where? ears, i want libre or lip, and eyebrow
139. What do you think of chain letters? fuck them
140. Best advice: dont get caught (i never follow it
141. Non-sport activity you enjoy: reading
142. Dream car: Audi S4
143. Scariest thing you've ever done: almost died
145. Where do you shop? online
146. Favorite thing to wear? tight shirts... lol, hats

148. Do you smoke? oh ya know
149. Favorite Vacation Spot: california
150. Favorite Family Member: myself
151. Favorite CD/ Cassette you own: my whole collection
152. Who is the hottest guy or girl ever? i dont know,
most people are only 98.6 degrees
153. Who are you crushing on: i step on things but i dont
crush them
154. When you die, do you wanna be buried or burned? burned
155. If you had the chance to professionally do something,
what would you do? skateboard or music
156. Favorite Day of the Week: friday
157. A teacher you hate: um... no one in particular
158. Favorite Disney Movie: emperors new groove
159. What toppings do you like on pizza? cheese, maybe
160. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
in one of my friends houses
164. If you could change one thing about yourself what
would it be? make myself disapear so i had no flaws
165. If you could undo a mistake, what would it be?
not get caught for stupid shit
6. Favorite fictional character? sean
167. Can a guy and girl be just "best friends"? yes
168. Do you wear glasses or contacts? no
169. Do you have a pager or cell phone? i need a cell
70. Who's more important, family or friends? friends,
definately, no question about it
171. Is your bedroom clean or messy? usually messy, but
right now it has absolutely nothing in it
172. What was the best gift you ever received? friendship

lauren this was for you

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