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2003-01-06 19:21:55 (UTC)

Holidays... I Miss You Terrance!!!

Well to be honest, over the holdiays I haven't done anything
terribly big. I've been bored alot of the time and sometimes wishing
that I could go back to school - remember I was bored... I would
never actually WANT something like that to happen for any other
reason. The only reason I'm writing another entry on the same day is
because MSN messenger isn't working and I'm bored out of my mind!
Yes, 'tis true, MSN is my life.

So anyways, Christmas Eve was pretty fun. My auntie Vi came over
which was really cool. She hasn't been here for a couple years. We
had a really nice supper except that the oven broke and the turkey
was still raw so we had scallops instead. That was interesting. We
ended up opening most of our presents that night. The only ones we
didn't open were the big ones from my parents.

Christmas was just a total disaster. Everyone was really grumpy and
just like yelling at each other. The presents were pretty good I
guess, despite the sucky day. We had to wait until 6 p.m. to do
anything though cuz my sister had to work till 3 then my brother had
to have supper with his girlfriend's family till 6. So I was stuck
at home watching Christmas specials on TV and sitting on MSN while
no one was on cuz they actually had lives on Christmas. Ya, so
Christmas sucked. Afterwards I went to Bourassa's and hung out. That
was good fun.

Mandi came to visit on the 30th which was really awesome. We had a
good time the 5 days she was here. She left on Saturday.

New Years Eve was pretty fun - kind of. Lots of people were here
which was kind of a bonus I guess. Mandi and I rented xXx for it,
haha. That was pretty sweet. At 11, a bunch of people from Chris'
house came over. They were pretty much all drunk. That was kind of
funny but after a while I was getting kind of annoyed because they
were like yelling so much and my parents were probably gonna come
down and figure out that they were drinking which results in me
getting in BIG shit. BUT for all of you drunk people of that

The next morning I had to clean up all the mess. It was terrible!
The floor was like covered with crap. It took us 4 hours to clean up
the floors and everything. Nastiness, I tell ya! That night I had to
put up with my mom's annual New Year's Day Party. All of
us "youngins" sat around downstairs until we decided to go to
Quinn's house to escape the boredom of my house. We watched
Goldmember because apparantly there are still people who HAVEN'T
seen it. I'm so sick of that movie!

Mandi and I pretty much lounged around the house and found stuff to
do for the rest of the week. We pretty much went out to friend's
houses for the next few nights. We went to Stroeder's on Thursday.
When we went to get a movie I finally tried a Donair hahahaha! It
was alright, just kinda spicy. I'm not much of a spicy food person.
The movie ended up being really weird and disgusting. Good choice,

The next night we went to Dairy Queen with Jess which was pretty
amusing. My blizzard had like sooooo much chocolate in it. There was
honestly more chocolate chunks than ice cream in it! It was pretty
good still though, haha. When Jess got picked up we went to Daniel's
and watched another movie. That one was actually pretty decent.
After the movie Whitnee, Robyn, Mandi and I ordered pizza. It was

Saturday morning, after Mandi left, My brother, sister and I went to
Swift Current to see my cousin before she left for New Zealand. I
slept all afternoon until supper. When my parents got there, we
left. I went to Jordan's hockey game when we got back into town. I
sat with Desiree, Stephanie and Krista. When we went to stand up I
was joking around with Dez saying that I was gonna get hit in the
face with the puck and she was like "No, more like I will." Sure
enough, I was the one that got hit in the face with the puck. I was
laughing so hard but it actually hurt afterwards. That was the most
retarded-est thing ever.

Yesterday I didn't do anything really. I sat around at home all day
watching Disney movies and braiding my hair until Jessica got here.
Later on that night, Jess, Heather D and I went for ice cream again.
I got the exact same kind of blizzard and it had a ton of chocolate
in it again. I love it. We then walked to the movie theatre to go
see Two Weeks Notice in the cold. BRRRR. I barely ate any of my
blizzard and I didn't want to throw it out when we got there so we
strategically placed my blizzard into Jess' purse and went into the
movie. The funny part was that we did that right in front of all the
workers there and they didn't even notice!!! It was the most
brilliant plan ever.

So ya, that's it for my holidays... today Jess and I just sat around
all day and I'm gonna be going to dance in two hours.

WE ALL MISS YOU TERRIBLY TERRANCE!!! :( Come back and visit lots!!!

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