My Life In A Bottle
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2001-02-13 14:44:09 (UTC)

right now, I wish i never been born

Well, today was a big miss. I shouldn`t got up in the first
place `cause I`ve been knowing from the wery moment i wake
up, that this day would suck. And I had right. I came 45
min. too late for school `cause I missed the bus and when I
came my bestfriend (or the one who use too be) told me that
we were the most unlike persons and that she needed time
too think through. Later I saw she and a girl named Linda
taking the bus to town. Talk about think through...
When I came home I get up in the stable where the horse I`m
watching after stands and I was taking her out for a ride
she ran of with me on her back. The only bright with this
day is that I am going too dance class later but I`m sure
it would be a miss too. f.eks I probably would brake my leg
or the roof gonna fall down in my head. But as long as I
still live can I tell that Im back with my boyfriend again(
yea, I know that it`s not the first time after we brake up

Take care

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