Alexander Dickson

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2003-01-06 19:00:51 (UTC)

I want Dragonball Z : Budokai SO much

At the start of my second week at Stirling University the
boredom is coming back with a deadly passion. With only
Dancing Stage and about 150 episodes of Dragonball Z I
have already watched a dozen times to occupy my time, it
was inevitable that I would get bored. Surprised it took
so long. Hell, the boredom is so intense that I've been
doing push ups and site ups to kill time. I can do 30 sit
ups without any problem, quite an improvment form the last
time I tried but I can only do about 10 miserable push
ups. I suck, and not in a good way. Wonder if I will have
lost any weight over these near aproaching two weeks I've
been up here for. Haven't been eating as much as I used
to, namely because theres hardly anything up here and I'm
trying to make it last so I don't have to buy anything

Have 15 quid with me but I want to keep it so I can add it
to my petty savings and get the new Dragonball Z game on
PlayStation 2. Looks cool. Have beaten the emulators to
death and need more of my Trunks fix to keep me going.

I'm getting impatient with the university and how my marks
haven't been done yet. Knowing administration like I do,
they'll give them out a week before the resits are meant
to take place and I'll be lucky if I have a couple of days
to study and pass my Sociology exam which I am sure i have
failed. Hurry up already, I'm getting impatient with it
all already.

Oh well, thats all for now,
Till Next Time Space Kittens!