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2003-01-06 18:52:40 (UTC)

a rock feels no pain...

me again....
recently i was caught doing drugs by my mom. so now i'm in
deep shit. i've gotten off pretty easy so far, no real
punishment, but i know sooner or later i'll get in some
real trouble. after being caught i was "smart" enough to
do it again in my house. me and my friend chris took some
xanax and then about half a bottle of bacardi. we od'd and
i went to the emergency room. now i'm in even more
trouble. and after that night, almost dieing, i've decided
to quit drugs. it's my "new year's resolution" (even
though i've already done drugs in the year 2003, it's ok
i'm starting now)
without privlages, such as leaving the house, i'm left to
find my own little fun things to do. when i'm not wasting
my time with tv i've been packing up my room bc we are
getting new carpeting. in this process i had to go through
my closet (dun dun dun...) i threw almost everything
away... which if you know me, is incredibly odd because
i'm the BIGGEST pack rat. i keep everything. so when i
have to move all my shit back into my room i'm going to
rearrange everything so it's change. a different
atmosphere for me and my new drug free life.
i want to take a photography class outside of school...
(wink wink lauren...)
the old sean was really into ska and punk, emo sucked and
that was it. now i'm into ska, emo and hardcore. punk just
isn't that appealing to me anymore. i mean nobodies even
punk anymore. i love going to shows.
i want to be in a band
i want to be a better artist.
i want to get my fucking lisence...