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2003-01-06 18:34:50 (UTC)

Highlights = Dec./02 Before Christmas

Well I guess the last time I wrote in this was on the 8th
and alot has happened since then. Let's see...

Well first off, I forgave Daniel for that incident on the 8th...
haha. So we're good now and I don't want to beat him with a lead
pipe anymore.

Then there was the Christmas dance. That was pretty fun from
what I remember. They played Baby Got Back this year which really
made my day! They actually played alot of good songs - well that is
with the exception of the beginning where it was all country music.
That was just terrible. Umm then I went to Pizza Hut afterwards. It
really surprised me that there weren't like a million people there
like there usually is. I was expecting like Central and Peacock to
be there too but I guess not. Boston Pizza was probably where they
were all hiding. Well ya, had fun there...

The next interesting thing that happened was our Christmas Party
thing. That was pretty fun. I was surprised to see only one gag gift
(Karlie you're a freak!). But I guess that was kind of a good thing
because everyone spent 10$ on a present that was actually nice to
some extent. Poor Daniel had to get Karlie's present - but that's
what you get for not coming and still putting a present in. I'm sure
that SUPERKID toothbrush we'll be of some use...

Then there were exams for the next week. Well I can say that I think
I failed 1 of them (or got a really bad mark on it) out of the 4 I
wrote. Stupid science... I didn't know what the hell an epiglottis
was though I knew I should know. Heather told me that it's this
little flap that helps food go down or something like that. Meh, I
dunno, I got that one wrong anyway along with like a billion other
questions. Ya, the rest of my exams went pretty well. I think I got
a decent mark on them at least. I guess I'll find out when I get my
report card...

The last day of school was pretty embarrassing. In the afternoon we
had to play basketball against the teachers. That was just totally
wrong. I was soooo mortified! I think our score against them was
like 10-2. I sucked so bad! lol. Aww well.

Hmm... now I think the last thing I really did was go to Swift
Current on the 22nd for this family reunion thing. That would have
sucked soooo bad had my cousins not been there to hang out with.
Haha, I had this one cousin clinging to me. That was so damn
annoying. I cannot stand little kids - or kids that act like they're
littler than they really are. My other cousins and I were making fun
of her because every so often she would hike up her pants to like
her boobs and think she was cool. It was hilarious. Well I survived
that night!

Well that's all for the big things that happened before Christmas...
because I'm bored I'll be writing about the rest of the holidays
right after this!

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