Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-01-06 18:26:22 (UTC)


Well, I got some grades back today. I got a B in Maths, and
as B is the highest we can get, I'm quite pleased. In
German I got B, also. Which was nice.
Not that it matters because I'll end up with a shitty job
anyways; Good grades or no good grades.
Also, today has not been so great on the Technology front.
Over the holidays, the schools computer system fucked up,
and everyone's lost a whole load of their files. I happen
to have lost all of my tech files. Yep, that's right. Tech.
Somebody just doesn't want me to finish my tech project. I
hate Tech, but this is just...bullshit. I spent three weeks-
six lessons on doing that work, and now it's all gone. And
I don't even get any extra time to finish it.
I took the liberty of e-mailing all my tech work home,
AFTER I re-fucking did it.

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