Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-06 18:19:01 (UTC)

First day of school was the very first day of school this
semester tiring....I had 2 Romanian language
classes and sport class and chemistry(ewww) and biology
(ewww).And my back hurts kinda bad.
Now I feel HUNGRY and sleepy and I think I need some
rest hehe.What else?I am glad I saw all my classmates I was
starting to miss them a lot.So there was "kissing day"
today coz everybody was wishing to everybody "Happy New
Year" and that's the habbit.
Tomorrow there's gonna be "Sf.Ion" and we've got a guy
named "Ionut" so we're gonna eat chocolates tomorrow(wooo-
hooo) there is Today keke....
I was starting to remember all the sad things i know-.-
For example today was my grandparents' aniversary...I
thought this will be a reason for joy...but I sadly noticed
noone was smiling even-.-...then my grandma told me she
hates him and I asked her why the heck did she marry him
and she said"you see Ruxy......noone forced me but that was
the right thing to do"...well maybe I suddenly got stupid
but I don't get this.If noone forced her...but she didn't
love him then....what was it?
Another thing mom gets the meal tickets today so
there is gonna be some yummy food there^.^
You know...I was thinking...tomorrow I've got the class
with Sean..the american teacher..I'm gonna have a serious
talk with him..I really need his help and I'm not afraid to
ask for it...I'm just afraid he might lie to me again and
right now I really need Honesty.
I guess this is it for today..tomorrow classes will start
earlier at 12.30pm but they're gonna end at the same time
(7.30pm) tomorrow we Do have math classes and
that's soooooo boring.....
I feel abit a mixt feeling between happy
and calm and giddy and......maybe a bit
sad....romantic...ack..i feel WEIRD.
So that's it...bye!