freeze time to blossom eternally through
2001-09-07 07:29:18 (UTC)

damn me

well i didnt get around to writing yesterday bc lisa was on
all night talking to people on the net. she spent the
night too. plus i was on the phone all night with joan.
she digs me. finally. its taken long enough. she had a
dream about me last night. yeah baby. so she told me it
and damn it was pretty hot. but now im all confused in
what i want bc who the hell knows. i need to be
realistic. shes in freaking texas. who knows though. no
one...shes all i think about all day long so whatever.

today i spent all day with lisa fucking around. we did
nothing. we went to this girls house that we have known
since first grade earlier tonight. she has a kid now, a
daughter, who is like 18 mos. she was cracking me up.
running around and talking nonsense. i got stoned today
with ricky when we picked him up from school. hes so
funny. i would so go for him, if he liked white
chicks...and if he wasnt all sprung on lisas ex gf. lisas
pissed bc they are dating. she vents all the time to me
and im like dude just let it go. ricky can be a real
dick to her. but hes so funny. i must admit. i guess
that is fucked up...that hes with her ex. but i cant say
much since i was hung up on lara for awhile. i need
another job. i need money. argh. i need to devise a

i have to work tomorrow and i totally dont want to. i dont
want to see freaking tammy. i know shes going to work and
shes going to drive me crazy the whole time. argh...i just
want to rip her head off. she so needs help. but it is
going to be friday and that makes everything better. i get
paid...a whopping like 100 bucks...that has to go to my
damn phone bill. im so fucking irresponsible. fuck! i
have to call joan and get to bed. well i dont have to get
to bed but i wanna call joan. shes writing a fantasy about
me write now...pretty hot huh? i know you are jealous.
well maybe not. ta-ta though.