Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2003-01-06 16:47:02 (UTC)

One day left...

Today is my last day of break before I have to go back to
school. I'm not really Looking forward to it. But in a way,
I am. Tomorrow is my birthday and so my whole family is
going out to eat. I'm taking Matt and Erica with me. Erica
requesed off today and on tomorrow. So, maybe if she
doesn't go out with John, she can work me into her
schedule. There's no telling though, what time she's going
to wake up. Tomorrow night i have to meet Matt's parents,
so now I have to figure out what I want to wear. I already
know how I'm going to do my hair, I just don't want them to
think that I tightly, I guess. I don't know
though. I'll probably just wear jeans and a hoody. I still
don't know what to get matt fer his birthday. Apparently,
he's getting me a card, three flowers and something else.
But the 'something else' is a surprise. so i don't really
know. I really don't think that I know how to be a good
girlfriend...too many things make me mad at him, and
yet..he just sticks around. don't ask me why. I don't think
that I would. I'm not really 'mean' to him, I just think
that I'm not as...sweet to him as I should be. And I don't
know why. I mean, he means the world to me. He's everything
to me. I just don't know what makes me act towards him the
way that I do.