2001-09-07 06:29:01 (UTC)

_09.05.01- random thoughts

these bees think they can do anything they want. they're
gonna take over the world soon. starting with the
membership trailer. BLASPHEMY.

riiiight. what's up with that yamacha?
-put on your yamacha it's time for channukah

you say you love me with all your hart and soul and always
have but now is the wrong time to tell me. i'll never
forget that one weekend of bliss together. nothing can ever
be as perfect as it was that weekend
the setting, the moood, vibes, happiness, were all so
incredible. it's a shame we pretty much only have that
weekend to remember. or maybe there WERE other great times
but don't stick out in my mind as much

_i am coping, bearing, dealing with my status. alone as
ever and probably always will be. i'm sure we could be
together again but as much as i'd probably like to, i don't
think i will, at least not anytime soon. maybe i want you
to suffer a bit as i suggered for so long because of you.
i'm glad i finally got all that out