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tears in waves, minds on fire, nights al
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2001-09-07 06:25:34 (UTC)

Portishead are a band...NOT a type of fish.

Dear Bobby,

Today was another tired day. And by tired I mean I
went to bed too late (on account of over excitement) and
woke up too early (on account of cats playing on head).
I'm pretty much used to these tired days, they usually go by
in a haze, and the next day people tell me how strange I
was acting. I am aware of the similarities between
tiredness and drunkeness, but I swear they do not
coincide. Atleast not for me.

Philosophy in Art is still maintaining first position in my
favorite classes pole. Today we argued about whether or
not the arts deserve government funding. But in answering
this one question, we had to go over what is art, and about
a billion other questions. God I love philosophy! I
signed up to give a presentation towards the end of the
semester which should prove interesting. I figure I'll just
pull down my pants or something and describe how each nook
and cranny is like a dark realm of my soul. Or not.

After class I high tailed it back home. I almost got hit
twice, which is one time less then what I normally get.
People turning from the far lane never look before they
turn. Bastards. Got home, sat on my ass for a long while.
Then moved to lazy boy and continued to sit on my ass. I
think I got up once to grab the remote with my claw (def:
mechanical device used to pick up things, usually used by
the morbidly obese or the clinically lazy) Roomate saw me
druling on myself so he rolled me over onto my side so I
didn't choke on my own vomit. Nice guy.

I made it to BOTH of my classes today bobby, I ain't
shittin you! BOTH! This is a first. I will try to keep up
this pace and hopefully...come monday...i'll make it two
days in a row. But I don't want to get greedy.

It was the usual tired day. I didn't feel like doing
ANYTHING. And even if I did, it was totally out of my
hands. All motivation is lost when you don't get enough

I did go to Gab's place and eat pizza and TRY to watch the
VMA's despite opposition from the group. I think they're
just jealous. Lil-Kim was over, and a girl (who's name
escapes me...could be Jessica) stopped by. She seems like
a pretty cool girl. Someone I could be friends with. OH
shit, i forgot the best part...she let me use her computer
to download songs! I think I'm in love! hehe Nobody seems
to want to part with valuable computer time to let an
annoying bastard, such as myself, sidestep their porn to
get some decent mp3's.(asside from you gab...you tried your best)
But finally, someone reached out to
my obsession and did so gratiously. Which makes me feel
reassurence for the human race.

I was a bit overzealous tonight. Perhaps it was on account of my
sleepiness. Which tends to be the case. It's quite strange the way
I feel when I'm tired. I get very cynical, I don't take
ANYTHING seriously, and I just joke around. I find myself
apologizing for my actions. Which i don't like doing.

Overall, today was a very good day. I had fun with some
good people, met some new ones, and got a song by
portishead (the band, not the fish).

Until temaree...

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