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2001-09-07 06:07:52 (UTC)

_09.04.01- feeling/doing

completely numb. hurt. angry. distraught. misled. unloved.
alone. empty. hollow. vacant. incomplete. dissatisfied.
betrayed. sad. fake. real. kind. dishonset. truthful.
horrible. misconceived. guilty. unconditioned. retarded.
stupid. dumb. achey. tired. mushy. cold. guilty. deceived.
horny. frustrated. unrelieved

stuff i do::
sleep. slack. work. laugh. dance. confuse myself. cause
insanity. wreak havoc. break hearts. lie. smoke. drink.
jolt my system. clean. wallow in my misery. hibernate.
chill. write. believe my own lies to be true. hate.
despise. throw away feelings. stomp on self esteem.

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